Freedom Not Fear 2009


International Action Day

“Freedom Not Fear 2009 – Stop the surveillance-mania”

On 12. September 2009 we call for the 2nd International Action Day in as many capital cities as possible around the world to demonstrate against the total retention of telecommunication data and other instruments of surveillance. We would like to recall the remembrance of the historical achievement of civil rights and liberties as a heritage of the age of enlightenment and to support the trust in security in our free society.

The International Action Day “Freedom Not Fear 2009″ is organized by organizations in several countries.

The goal is to organize protest marches or arts actions or lectures or flashmobs… in as many countries as possible at the very same day on 12. September 2009.

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UK server is now online


Daopay (phone call payment) available for all VPN

daopay.jpgDaopay is now available for XL and Unlimited LINK. So if you haven’t credit card,  you could pay using your phone and enjoy your high speed VPN.

UK server

Edit May 11, 2009: UK server is now online again.

UK server will be unavailable until the March 27. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will work hard to find a new server as soon as possible.

You don’t have credit card, please read !

Today you can use your phone to checkout L VPN LINK new orders.

How to do it ?

  1. First, you need to order your L VPN LINK on Linkideo
  2. Select L VPN LINK
  3. Fill email and password and click on “Continue”
  4. Click on the DaoPay logo daopay.jpgin order to checkout
  5. DaoPay is connecting on server and give you a phone number to call
  6. All you need to do is to call and enter your Daopay order number followed by the ‘#’ key (something like 4530905371 #) on your phone.
  7. Call status increasing
  8. At 100% you can press Payment made
  9. You will be redirect to a new page giving you a pin code, write it down in case of problem.
  10. Click on Proceed with website to enable your L VPN LINK !
  11. It’s done, you can enjoy your L VPN LINK.
  12. Have a nice day !

FREE VPN Link now is disabled

shutdown_128.pngWe have disabled Free VPN Link because our network is not enough strong. We are very sorry.

If you want continue to use our VPN, our need to update to L VPN LINK or more.

Once we reinforce our network, we will perhaps open Free VPN Link again…

Linkideo webonly link now support HTTPS !

httpsLinkideo now support HTTPS in order to satisfy all our webonly users.

How to repair your connection if it doesn’t work

probleme-reseau.pngI am going to show you different ways to repair your VPN connection if internet doesn’t work.

1_Look if your internet connection works otherwise , connect it. Continue reading “How to repair your connection if it doesn’t work”

Linkideo: Free and Safe VPN

Today I will introduce you a new and wonderful VPN service, the Free and Safe Linkideo.

Linkideo is located in UK as a VPN provider. They are launching a free VPN service these days.

You can create a free VPN account to get a VPN link of 128 kbit/s download. You can use the account in different operating systems.

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Special offer : Unlimited VPN Link for only 2 euros !

Special OfferUpdate your FREE VPN link to UNLIMITED VPN Link for only 2 Euros (RMB 22, USD 3)

To update your FREE VPN link :

With Unlimited VPN LINK, you can now use all your bandwidth and all ports you need !
In order to play online games, hosting your own applications, using MSN, QQ 2008, IRC, P2P

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