Linkideo are thinking about adding SSTP VPN support, are you interesting ?

SSTP protocol is based on SSL instead of PPTP or IPSec and uses TCP Port 443 for relaying SSTP traffic.

The success of SSTP can be found in the following features:

  • SSTP uses HTTPS to establish a secure connection
  • Typical port blocking is decreased
  • SSTP Client is built into¬†Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Seven

Linkideo plan to offer SSTP VPN support for all Unlimited VPN link ( 10 EUR).

In order to check if our customers are insteresting, we setup a poll.

Linkideo are thinking about add SSTP VPN support, are you interesting ?

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You can vote by clicking on right “Poll -> Vote”

Thank you for your interest in voting!

2 Comments to “Linkideo are thinking about adding SSTP VPN support, are you interesting ?”

  1. BizMan said...
    August 16, 2010

    Good idea but I don’t know if there will be many people left using Linkideo to cast their vote here after last nights debacle of network issues.

    When the VPN goes down so does any security that one uses a VPN to achieve as the connection to the Internet goes back through the ISP as normal traffic and therefore defeats the object of using a VPN no matter which protocol (SSTP or PPTP or IPSec) used.

    I see now you have only the 1 server in working order and that is in France.

    Perhaps a broadcast email to all your members explaining both the SSTP VPN alternative and your known network issues would have been the correct, polite and courteous way to go. Then perhaps you may have had more voters and more people remain with Linkideo.

  2. Ethan said...
    August 17, 2010

    FR server was offline 1 day. UK server is currently offline since few hours and will be back soon.
    NL and USA servers are working.
    In order to check if VPN connection is up or not, you need to find a software who did it for you, according to your OS.

    We put online a new feature in the control panel to check servers availability.