Stripe is back

USA, we are back in business : Stripe got back to us with good news…

Stripe is down, switch back to Paypal

Unfortunately, we have problems with our new Stripe payment processor. We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and we ask you to apologize for the inconvenience…

Pay anonymously with prepaid cards

As announced in a previous post, we recommend to pay with Prepaid cards for several reasons:

Increased Anonymity: no need to provide your identity when shopping for most prepaid cards
Absolute Control costs: these are debit cards and thus your consumption of our SaaS offerings are limited by the absolute threshold…

From Paypal to Stripe

For years we regularly encounter problems with Paypal: API not available, duplicate payment, no payment received. Unfortunately, their monopoly prevents sellers to punish their mistakes…

Here we come USA !

After months of discussions, we return with a new strategy:

Pricing “Pay As You Go” in SaaS mode: pay only the time consumed.
Payment 100% anonymous: using prepaid cards…

Openvpn now support port forwarding

Since few months, Linkideo fully support OpenVPN. We add a new feature for Unlimited VPN LINK owners: port-forwarding…

Servers list

You can now check the available servers by login you to your control panel and clicking on Servers

Linkideo are thinking about adding SSTP VPN support, are you interesting ?

SSTP protocol is based on SSL instead of PPTP or IPSec and uses TCP Port 443 for relaying SSTP traffic…

New USA server is up !

USA server down

Due to DMCA takedown notice, USA server have been disconnected from network.
We are currently working to find a solution.